Excel Dropdown List to jump to a cell

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I'm imagine this must have been asked countless times but I couldn't find a solution to my specific needs. So I'm asking for your help.


What I need to do: I've got a drop-down list created with data validation. When I select a value from that list  I want excel to jump to that specific cell, in the same sheet. I don't need to work with different sheets. The sheet is named John Doe for argument's sake.


My drop-down list is in A22 my first value is in B90. How would I go about doing that?


I've googled quite a bit and it seems I need to create a macro in order to do this however I'm only a beginner in excel, I'm taking a course right now but I have not yet arrived at macros.


So your help would be most appreciated.



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you don't need vba to do that.

Find attached example 



Hi! This is the solution, but I don't understand how you make different Hiperlinks on a dropdown list.