Excel doesn't recognize the function 'Dispimg' from a file my client sent me

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So first off, I have the newest version of Excel 365, and I also tried using Excel 2019, but neither of them worked.

I work with translations, and my Chinese client sent me an xlsx file in which one of the sheets has images embedded into cells, which are there to give context for the translation. Except none of the images show, and the cells just say #NAME?

Now, the function in these cells is =@_xlfn.DISPIMG("Id of the image I guess";1)

But I searched online and I can't find any function with that name, nor a way to fix it so I can see the images. The client says it works fine for him, and hasn't replied when I asked what version of Excel he uses.

Does anyone know how to get these images to show? Thank you.

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Perhaps you should ask Zealousideal_Hair at Reddit who asked precisely the same question nine months ago.