Excel does not take correct number

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I open a new Excel an type in 22,3355

After pressing enter 223.355 will appear in the cell.

What can I do to prevent this?

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But what do you want to see then?

I want to see --> 22,3355
I do not want that Excel modifies what I typed
It seems Excel interprets as you are typing a large number instead of small with four decimals.
Your local settings have period to mark thousands..?!
What is decimal character?. You can see it eg by typing =3/2 in a cell.
If you want it exactly as typed and not interpreted as something to posiibly use for calcalations, begin with an ' to comment the content and show like text.
Thanks for your note. I type in 3/2
And I get this --> 03. Feb
There must be something in the local settings. Do you know what I have to adjust?
insert = first to get a calculation resulting 1,5
if I type in 1,5 -->then in the cell I see 1,5 and this is ok, I can use it to calculate
if I type in 1,55 -->then in the cell I see 1,55 and this is ok, I can use it to calculate
if I type in 1,555 -->then in the cell I see 1,555 but it is not a number, I cannot use it to calculate
I inserted =3/2
the result in the cell is 1.5
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What is the decimal separator on your system?

What is the thousands separator on your system?