Excel Dependent Drop Down Lists not loading

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Hello everyone. 

I created Dependent Drop Down Lists in Excel using the Offset Formula. 

When I open the sheet, the Drop Down Lists do not load but when I re-enter the same formula in Data Validation in the open sheet, the Drop Down Lists start loading / showing. 

The same thing then repeats when I close and open the sheet. 

Please help. 

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As you have probably realised, you will not receive an answer as your details are far too imprecise. We can't help you with that.

If you could upload an Excel sheet with an example, it would be much easier. Please remove all confidential information or create a new sheet as you create the dropdowns.


@sid2109 What is the complete formula you're using in data validation? The described issue is most likely caused by creating an array reference directly within the formula (ie: range1&range2). Array references must be created in Name Manager.


For more information, please see: