Excel Dependent and Searchable Dropdown List

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I am trying to create a Searchable AND Dependent dropdown list in Excel.


Currently I have tables that include State Abbreviations and Cities in those States. For example, in cell A2, there is a list of states including, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, etc. In cell B2, there is a table with all cities in Iowa. In Cell C2, there is a table with all cities in Minnesota.


I figured out how to create a searchable list, by using the following formula:

=SORT(FILTER(State,ISNUMBER(SEARCH('Sheet1'!C3,State)), "Not Found"))


Then I use the following formula within Data Validation (turning off errors) in cell C3:

='Sheet 2'!$D$2#


So in cell C3, I can start typing in Minn, click the dropdown and it lists Minnesota. My issue comes in when I try to select the cities in Minnesota. I am using the INDIRECT formula now, but it does not allow me to search.


I am open to using VBA, but cannot find anything on it at the moment.

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Here's a tutorial about searchable dropdown lists: