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Some how I changed my default view in Excel. First photo is new view. Second photo is old view. Notice the ribbon in the new view is encompassed in a oval circle. The old wad just a rectangle grey box all the was across. The vertical and horizontal slide bars are different. In the first new look, the file name is to the left side next to the quick access toll bar. In the old Default view, the file name in in the center of the top line. I want to go back to the 2 photo. The default view.




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This is due to an update rolled out earlier this month. It is part of a "Coming Soon" feature that can be turned off in Microsoft 365, but not in Office 2016, 2019 and 2021 (at least not in the interface).

You can apply a registry fix to undo the change, but I recommend getting used to it - I suspect that the other Office applications will follow suit sooner or later. If you look closely, there are changes in other applications too: the display of styles on the Home tab of the ribbon in Word, and perhaps the ribbon in Outlook.

See Excel Toolbar Corrupted 

@Hans Vogelaar Thanks for explaining it. I thought I was going crazy.