Excel dates to send reminders via email

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My employer has asked me to make it so an excel spreadsheet that his staff uses to add in responsibilities and due dates to email him when the dates are coming up?

I have experimented with a few options, flows unfortunately couldn't help me and i didnt have any luck with VBA codes I got from google. I am aware it is a long shot but does anyone have any ideas how I can make this happen or if it is even possible?

i am somewhat new with excel but picking it up really quickly

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my other idea is like a calendar sync, but that's still very complex

If you don't want to program the solution yourself, there are utilities that address that use case. .

Here is a video demo of one such tool that I created:
It can handle other use cases as well, but the video demonstrates exactly your use case.

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I forgot to mention: the video demo above provides a link to another video demo showing how to email Excel task reminders using Power Automate:

Thank you for the answer, this is quite complex and above my level of excel skill but I'll spend some time w the resources you sent and see if I can make it work.