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Is there any way to to create a drop down list linked to a week number Example. below. Any simple solutions welcomed  and i will be grateful for some tips


in colums A : I choose a financial year lets say 2023/2024 

in Column B: i pick or type in any week from 52 available weeks from that period lets say i will  choose wk 1 which runs from Fri 31/3/2023  to Thu 06/04/2023

Just a note:Colums B need to contain week number only meaning 1  3 or 22 without any letters or symbols .

in Column C: i require a drop down list with individual dates from Fri 31/03/2023 to Thu 06/04/2023 so i can pick a any day from that week.

Column D: i require a date  Column C+1 , so day after.






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@Aga_112 In the attached I started something.  I used 2 helper columns for the data validation lists for the years and the days of the intended week.  You may want to tweak the data validation rules, warnings and alerts and such.  I also don't know your Fiscal Yr cycle so made the assumption based on the example it starts on the Friday before April 1


@mtarler  OMG  , thank you ever so much .  this is exactly what i needed. thank you for your responce