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I have  date column as 1.1.2021. and i would like to convert it as 20210101. can anyone help me ,,,


Thanks in advance.

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Does the column contain 'real' dates, or are they text values that look like dates?

they look like date and are in 1.1.2021 form , but i converted to 1.1.2021  and are date column now....


Let's say the dates are in A2 and down.

Enter the following formula in B2 and fill down:



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Thank you for your solution but I found out an easy way to change to the format i need... Format on custom ... and type the format you need,, in the space provided as Type: yyyymmdd. Problem solved !!!


That means that the values were already real dates, and not text values that look like dates. Your reply to my earlier question made me think it was the latter.

Anyways Thank you for your help....