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I have never had this happen to me before...  Excel is linking with my system correctly (If I enter "current date" in the header or footer it is correct), but if I enter a date in a cell (for all of my docs) it is incorrect and I am not sure how to fix it?  I tried the 1904 date change in settings but didn't work.   When I enter 1201, I get 04/15/1903?  When I enter 12-21-21 I get 05/5/2231?  Aack

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@Kim-MPS Entering the number 1201 in a date-formatted cell turns it into the 1201st day after January 1, 1900 (being the first day in the "Excel calendar"). That is April 15, 1905.

Your system doesn't recognise 12-21-21 either as a date and turns it into the number 121221, being the 9th of May 2234. Note that the date you mentioned is equivalent to 121021, by the way.


So, you need to look into the regional settings of your system and learn how to enter dates correctly. Perhaps you need to enter dates like 12/10/21 or 12.10.21 or simply 10dec21.