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I am attempting to calculate attendance.  We have a couple thousand course offerings that meet with a teacher either 1x - 5 x week.  Some are self paced courses.  I calculate the total attendance possibility based on the days schools and the day of the week (s) the courses meet.  So if a course only meets on Thursdays, The calendar calculation will indicate that on that date (9/1/2022) which is a Thursday and a school day, then that is one day of expected attendance.  These calculations determine the total possible attendance for 2500 courses for the year.


I then have to determine the student's attendance for each or their courses.  To do this, I have another tab that looks up the course id to get the possible attendance, based on the above calculations.  I Then have to determine the attendance based on three variables, the date range from Today, and the Date of enrollment or Course start date.  I would need to calculate the attendance based on the larger date (Date of enrollment or Course Start Date) to account for those days. I am using the Max function to get the greater date of these two. It is a date field.  The calculation that I have in M column is not indicating that it is greater than the date in O1.  M3 should say 65 based on the student start date.  any help is much appreciated.



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Does it work if you change the entry in cell M1 to 4/27/2022 or 4/27/2023?


@OliverScheurich I removed the table and then go into each date field O:GN and hit return.  Works now.