Excel date format behaves differently depending on PC

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Recently I have created a simple macro to import XML data into excel worksheet. It works great but not on every computer. Basically, I import XML data as text, then ocassionally excel recognizes date format in cells but sometimes it doesn't. When I subtract one date from another on certain PC's I get proper time values, but sometimes I get error "#Value"). I menaged to test the macro using:


 - Two workstation PC's Win 10 Pro- (Macro is working properly only on one PC) (I'm 99% sure that both workstations are identical in terms of software )

- My personal Win 10 Pro Laptop - (Macro is working properly)

- My personal Win 10 Edu PC - (Macro is working properly)

 - My friends Win 10 Pro laptop - (Macro is not working properly)


All computers/laptops are using Office 365.

What setting/issue may cause this problem?


Thanks in advance!

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