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Dear Team, 

In Excel, With the help of Data validation, I created a dropdown list with 10 Items. Its succefully created.

But when I'm typing first 3 letters of the product of dropdown list, the results(Suggestions) are not displaying. Again i have to click the drop down arrow to view those dropdown list. Can you please help me with this. I want to see the drop down list content when I type first 2 or 3 letters. 



Gajja Babu,

Reliance Jio.

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I have the same problem since today. My drop-down lists were still working fine on Friday.
But since this morning, the dropdown list does not open automatically in "search" mode.

Does anyone have an idea? Bug ? Update?


Hello everyone,
I have a workbook which is used by more than 25 colleagues. This feature was available till a couple of days ago. It has suddenly stopped working! any workarounds?