Excel - Data Validation - Auto complete stopped

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We have a shared workbook. One of the users reported the data validation stopped allowing him to type a value and auto complete in the list. I have unprotected everything, but still it will not auto complete for anyone at this point.

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It is likely Microsoft has temporarily switched off this feature. I've seen it happen in the past. It will be turned back on once they've fixed whatever issue it is they are working on.
Hi Jan,

I wondered but I would they would post some sort of notes somewhere. Hopefully I didn't break something
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It could be related to this note from 4/8:

We fixed an issue with selections not appearing or not visible after being chosen in some dropdown menus, especially in Dark Gray theme.

@bill51106 , we're also experiencing this issue. I'll be opening a Premier support case. 

I am also experiencing this issue on excel web only! 

I have the same problem since Apr 11 in Excel Online only. When the cell enabled data validation, autocomplete is not work.



I'm also experiencing this on excel web. However, the person who created the document doesn't seem to have the same issue. I'm working on it over a VPN and have no access to the engine room.


Has there been any update on whether the bug is fixed or has it now become a feature? It's a pretty annoying feature, because honestly some of the text strings are pretty long and the chances of me typing them out correctly can be limited. It defeats the object of having a drop down!

Just started working a couple days ago again for me!