Excel Data Types is not enabled

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I have installed Office 365 version 1909 installed in Portuguese Language. I'm looking for the feature of Stocks as part of Data Types, but that is not enabled in my Excel.


I have the last version of excel and office. I also removed the office and installed again, but the feature is still not enabled in my personal computer.


I need help to resolve this issue and make the usage of Stocks updates in my personal Excel.


Just for reference:

In my work, I use a desktop with Windows and Office 365 with Excel. Currently the version 1902 is installed and updates are controlled by the company and that is installed in English. The Stocks from Data Types are available correctly there.

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It seems that you can add English as a language and that will allow it to appear. See the bottom FAQ on this page:

Hi @Tim_Heng 


Unfortunatelly that does not work. I still dont have the stocks feature enabled in my Excel.



One possibility - I seem to recall that the Stocks feature will not be shown when you are not connected to the internet. Is your computer internet-enabled?



Hi Tim, thanks for your message.


Yes, my computer is connected to the internet. I also have another notebook in which I use the same MS Office installed and the Stock feature is enabled there and working properly. It is same version of Office and Excel.




Hi @Tim_Heng 


Yes, you are right. I received support from Microsoft. They removed my office manually and completelly including registers and etc. After that, Excel was brand new, but without Data Types enabled. Then, they installed English language in my office and Data Types was launched. Now it is all right.


Thanks for your inputs.