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Alright, so I'm trying to calculate a share of profits that goes to different employees during a week. At the end of my week, i have a spreadsheet that adds all the profit every one gets. I have 3 employees that feeds on the same cut, I need to be able to enter their names on the day of the week on which they worked so that they get the cut and the 2 others doesn't. Can anyone help me with that? 

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@FRANK_TRIES , A sample file (with confidential info removed) would be helpful to answer your question(s).




If we were sitting down together and trying to work this out, I'd have to ask a few more questions. I'm pretty sure anybody else would too. So bear with me/us. It will also help if you can post a copy of whatever workbook/spreadsheet you already have as a starter, so we don't have to create something from scratch that has no bearing on your reality.


That said, here are some questions:

  1. Does only one employee work each day, or are there some days when two of them, or even all three are present and working?
  2. Do the number of hours worked in any given day matter?
  3. Is it only the profits for each day they work that are shared with whoever worked that day, or are the profits for the week tallied first, and then shared based on hours/days worked by each of the three? (Asked another way, if somebody was present all day but no sales (therefore no profit) that day, do they get zero?)
  4. Is there a minimum or maximum applied or is it a straight percentage regardless?
  5. Does seniority matter in any way; length of service with you?
  6. Are there any other factors that you're taking for granted, but would be helpful for anybody wanting to help you out here? Like, for instance, do you take any withholding tax out (Federal or State)?

You get the idea....