Excel data pull on duplicate IDs

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I am trying to build a tracker that show where my project is in the process (task & dates- created/assigned/ready ) the issue i am having is that my data dump file that shows the task status has duplicate job IDs and i cant use a vlookup i tried. i thought i had it working with a vlookup but when a resorted the data dump it didnt work anymore.  Here is what i am trying to do -- lookup my job id on Main Tracker Search for it on the Data Dump tab - pull in the data to my tracker.

Main tracker - (showing only one task)i made up the data i am trying to pull in on the my tracker)

Request/JobSurvey Created DateSurvey Status Survey Assigned DateSurvey Accepted DateSurvey Ready for Approval DateSurvey Approved DateSurvey Task Due DateSurvey Scheduled DateSurvey Status
JB00008129419/5/1999Task Not Required       



Data Dump File

Request/JobJob DescrTask Name2Job Owner Name2Status Of Task CodeCreated Date2Assigned Date2Accepted Date2Ready for Approval Date2Approved Date2Task Due Date2Scheduled Date2
JB0000426143COEPAAddress Mismatch ValidationSDTask Not Required8/13/2020      
JB0000426143COEPACapacity VerifySDTask Not Required8/13/2020      
JB0000426143COEPACoax ActivationSDTask Not Required8/13/20201/5/20221/28/2022  2/25/2022 
JB0000426143COEPACoax ConstructionSDTask Not Required8/13/2020      
JB0000426143COEPADetermine PermitsSDTask Not Required8/13/2020      
JB0000426143COEPAEvaluate Constructed ItemsSDTask Not Required2/16/2022      
JB0000426143COEPAEvaluate EstimatesSDTask Not Required2/16/2022      
JB0000426143COEPAFiber ActivationSDTask Not Required8/13/20201/5/20221/28/2022  2/25/2022 
JB0000426143COEPAFiber ConstructionSDTask Not Required8/13/2020      
JB0000426143COEPAHeadend DesignSDTask Not Required8/13/2020      
JB0000426143COEPAHeadend ReadySDTask Not Required8/13/2020      
JB0000426143COEPASurveySDTask Not Required2/16/2022      
JB0000426143COEPAInstall Nodes COEPASDTask Not Required1/5/20221/5/20221/28/2022  2/25/2022 
JB0000426143COEPAOptimize NodesSDTask Not Required8/13/20201/5/2022   2/25/2022 
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