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I'm having big problems importing data to excel. I import point values from a txt file.


Instead of a number, it inserts a date for me.
If I insert the data as a number, it inserts completely different values.
But if I insert data as text, I can't use formulas (this numbers are correct).


Due to the incorrect entry of values, very large errors can occur in my work.

How can I edit this so that the input is correct.


Thank you.


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@SStudio2015 Do NOT copy and paste directly from the txt file, but use Data, From Text/CSV or Data, Get Data, Legacy Wizards, From Text.


The first option opens the Power Query editor and may be a bit overwhelming if you haven't used it before. The second option opens a straight forward wizard that guides you through an import process. In step three it's important that you correctly set the data type for each column.