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*UPDATED* Hi there, I wonder if anyone is savvy enough to help me as I am struggling with the correct sum to use in excel.


I have certain payments, and frequencies between certain dates that I need calculating.

ActionAmountFrequencyStart DateEnd DateTotal to date


Simple example, If I pay £500, once a month, from 01/01/2023 to 01/04/2023, can I calculate the total in a cell? Using obvious maths, the answer is £2,000 but I cannot find the right sum


I have lists that select the frequency which include:

Bi-Annual (every other year)
Bi-Monthly (every other month)
Quarterly (every 3 months)


Can anyone help? It's a tricky one!


If you really want a challenge, sometimes there is no end date as the payment is still current. Is there a sum to equal up to todays date? Thank you in advance!


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See the attached demo workbook.

What a hero! This is perfect. Thank you so much indeed!