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I have created a custom sort list in Office 365 in Excel and I'm trying to sort in the sequence of the list but it's not working.  Does anyone have any suggestions on why it's not working? 

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You need a helper column to SORT in the order you are looking for. Check the attached WB & read the instructions.

I'm sure this help U,,, confirm through reply,,, and if it works,, then please accept it as answer as well like.

@SherryHoward The sequence in column A exists of text strings, each 20 characters long. 7 visible characters plus 13 trailing spaces. Your custom sort list consists of elements containing only the first 7 characters. Use =TRIM(A1) and copy down to get red of the trailing spaces. Then copy/paste values back into column A and apply the custom sort. Then it shall work.

@Rajesh-S I tried it but it didn't work.  Maybe I'm not doing something right.  But I followed your instructions.


Thank you for responding, I am trying to have the column sort the numbers in the order provided in the custom sort; should that work or am I doing something wrong? I did try what you provided but that didn't work.  I sent the file in my first message.

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@SherryHoward You need to clean-up your data in column A, then it will work.I'm certain. Sorting "2P13H01" is not the same as "2P13H01             "


Okay, having it cleaned up, will try again.  Thank you so much.  I will let you know the outcome.






Thank you so much it's working now.  





It's very unfortunate that you are unable to handle your data, and the method I've shown,,, what else any one can do,,,, especially when I've used your WB and attached with my post as  a solution!!! 


Let me remind that NO NEED to clean the data in Column A,,, since don't have any WHITE SPACE !!