Excel Customization Walk-through

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Hi, it's my first time ever using Excel and it is very foreign to me at the moment. Could someone please walk me through how to customize my excel spread sheet to have the same titles, colors, and basically everything minus the information on this screenshot I have included from YouTube? Thank you so much in Advance. (I would really like to have the same color coding and fonts as well.) Screen Shot 2023-06-24 at 11.05.39 PM.png

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I'd have to say, without more information on that screenshot from YouTube, that whoever created THAT spreadsheet--and this will apply to you if you succeed in emulating it--is NOT actually using Excel, at least not for the purposes for which Excel was intended. You'd be using it as a set of rows and columns, a layout that happens to use individual cells that can be repositories of various kinds of information. You could do that in Word as well.

That said, there's certainly nothing terribly wrong with (mis)using Excel in that way, but just be aware that Excel's forte lies in managing and evaluating data, in various calculations, in summarizing complex sets of data, etc., etc. Rather than ask somebody here to walk you through creating something that resembles that screen grab, you'd be far better served by getting a basic book on Excel, or starting to use one of the myriad websites that have been created to orient folks to Excel. Here's a good one to start with. .