Excel custom format id number

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I want to create a form where persons have to enter their id numbers. It must look like this:

000000 0000 000

When I do this Excel changes it to

0 000 000 000 000

as if it is thousands. It works on our on pc, but not on my laptop.

I live in South Africa, we use decimal comma, and my laptop knows this. Not sure if this is the problem.

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@Rika2608 Irrespective of your local settings you can set a custom format to the cells that hold the ID numbers. The custom format would be exactly as you specifies it, 000000 0000 000


Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 14.39.24.png

It did not work. Eventually saw that I have to change it to
000000\ 0000\ 000
This works.


Space and some other characters like colon, caret, etc are displayed in custom number format natively. Backslah is required for other characters like percent. Perhaps you didn't enter format manually but copy / paste from web, when non-printable characters may appear which require backslah.