Excel crashing

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I have followed many of the steps and tried to troubleshoot this on my own end.  I have re-installed Excel, disable hardware graphics acceleration check box,  installed available windows updates, tried to run in safe mode and I continue to have excel files crash.  Any other recommendations?   How can I find out the issue?  Thank you in advance.

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Is this with one particular (set of) file(s)?

It seems to be any file right now.  Thoughts?

It is even is crashing when I start a blank workbook from scratch.  FYI I am running on Windows 10

Can you post any details about the crash?

Since Friday 28th December 2018 I have exactly the same problem on two computers where one is running Windows 7 Pro 32 bit and the other Windows 10 Home 64 bit.  The first is a desktop PC the other a laptop. With either a populated file or completely empty unsaved worksheet if I click in a cell and run the cursor down the cursor initially stops at the botttom of the screen then Excel shuts down and tries to recover.  I have tried running in Safe mode on both computers but the result is the same. There are no other common programs running in the background on the two machines, it suggests a GUI problem with Excel but when was the last update? At present Excel is absolutely useless for me.

I have found a fix, run Excel in Administrator mode and the problem does not arise. I experimented with other modes but found that it was essential for Special Permissions to be granted. I cannot explain why this could suddenly be necessary on two different operating systems and two very different machines but it is at least a way ahead. Over to you Microsoft!