Excel crashing on clicking merge and centre tab

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While working on Excel ( Microsoft office 2016) , on clicking the 'Merge and centre' tab, Excel is crashing and closing the document in it's own. If someone can help in resolving the issue 

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Hello @Suman270 


Have you tried the Open and Repair option?

It seems you may have a corrupted workbook. Open and repair "MIGHT" get you to a better position. Worth trying but make sure you use a copy for a backup just in case.


Close and shut down your machine using the SHIFT+SHUT DOWN option.

When the machine restarts, ONLY open MS-Excel, and then ONLY open the copy of the workbook in question. Let MS-Excel try and repair the workbook, and AFTER the workbook is "repaired" SAVE this repaired workbook WITH A NEW NAME in a NEW LOCATION, preferably a local drive. Then redo the shut down with the SHIFT+SHUT DOWN option and then ONLY open MS-Excel, and then ONLY open the repaired workbook. If all is GOOD save it locally with the name you want and MAKE COPIES!


Best of luck!