Excel crashing after selecting a formula

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Hi everyone,


I am facing an issue with Excel. When I select a formula in a cell, Excel crashes. When I write the formula, it works fine but when I select it from the list, it crashes. Could anyone support me with this issue?

I already tried the safe mode, uninstall and reinstall, and update, none of these helped.


Thank you


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Hi All - Thanks for reporting this here and for submitting feedback about this issue. We (Excel team at Microsoft) have a fix for this issue and it will be released very soon. 

@Steve_K_Excel thank you steve! Please fix it ASAP because it ruined my other worksheet.

In the meantime, you can work around the issue by using the Formula Builder dialog. To open it, press Shift+F3 or click on the Fx button next to the formula bar when you want to create or edit a formula.

@Steve_K_Excel thank you for jumping in! 

Another workaround is to simply type the entire function name that you'd like to use, rather than selecting it from the drop-down list.

The fix will be available in the next update for Insiders Beta. It will be version 16.0.15917.20000 or greater. The fix will be available to other update channels soon.

@Steve_K_Excel   ty.  I too am still having this problem of Excel crashing when I select a function from the drop down menu.  Although it does work fine if I just type it in.  Looking forward to the fix.  I would appreciate if you could post once the fix is sent out.  thanks.

I've got an update Windows 11 KB5020044 and install it but my excel still crash if I choose formula from drop-down list. Please update ASAP because almost one month I've faced this issue
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@ImadHimo it's happens on my HP Omen laptop with office 2019 home and student, and i found that omen gaming hub (Factory App) make it crash. i uninstall it and my excel working fine.

@Steve_K_Excel@MinguriiscomingYou are absolutely right, the issue seems to be coming from OMEN Gaming Hub, if I stop it from Task Manager, Excel works fine. If this software is running, Excel crashes

thanks for posting. That worked for me!!!!
so is the issue only coming from HP ? How about other brands like Lenovo, Asus, and dell, Are they having the same issue?



This types of problem is what i am currently experiencing while preparing the payroll of my staff. let me read through all the replies to identify and apply possible solution. i hope to find solutions to the problem.


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Hi All - the fix for this has just begun rolling out to the regular monthly updates (called Current Channel) for Excel. If you update to Version 2211 (Build 15831.xxxxx), then you have the fix. If you're getting Insider beta updates, then you should already have the fix from a recent update (build 15928 or greater).

Please respond here and also by sending feedback from within Excel if you still encounter any issue.
That is great news @Steve_K_Excel !

@Minguriiscoming I uninstalled omen gaming hub (Factory App) and now I can click on forumula in dropdown. Huge thanks!


Starting from the day 02-02-2024
Windows 10 Excel 365 with either Standar or Insider Beta
I need to disable autocomplete Formulas
Otherwise if I change the Excel formula it crashes immediately