Excel crashing after selecting a formula

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Hi everyone,


I am facing an issue with Excel. When I select a formula in a cell, Excel crashes. When I write the formula, it works fine but when I select it from the list, it crashes. Could anyone support me with this issue?

I already tried the safe mode, uninstall and reinstall, and update, none of these helped.


Thank you


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Does this happen with just any workbook, or only on specific workbook(s)?
Hi Jan,
it is happening with any workbook.
Immediately after Excel has crashed, reboot it and click Help, Feedback, I don't like something. That will help making MSFT aware of your issue. I'm not saying you'll be helped, but it is sometimes useful to leave your email address too. I have had responses to those feedback items in the past.
For whatever reason I tried again today selecting a formula, and it worked fine. It seems that the issue has disappeared (out of nowhere)...
Thank you again for the support.

We are face the same problem. When I write a formula or function, my excel will be closed automatically. I've tried many guidelines to solve this issue, such as went to safe mode, repair, uninstall, and reinstall my office, but the problem can't be solved. And it is happened for any workbook and still happening until right now
Amazing!, what have you done to solve that issue? Currently I still face this issue
One thing to try is to go to File, Account and see if there is an update.

I did nothing actually, I just tried it again the next day and it worked. In that case "Turning it OFF and ON" helped.

Perhaps Microsoft sometimes quietly applies small updates to your Office to release bug fixes?
Hello, how about your excel currently? Is it still crashing after selecting the formula from the list/auto-complete?
My excel still faced the same issues even though I try to contact the support center but it can't helpful
I've already updated my office but it doesn't help at all. My excel still crashes if I select formula from the list (auto-complete)
Same problem


I am having the same issue ; does anyone understand the issue and find a solution please?

I am having the same problem and am on a deadline. If anyone solves this, it would be a huge help! I can't even wait a day to try it again.



Same issue here. I have went the safe mode, repair, uninstall, and reinstall my office route, but the problem still exists.


I just tried using the formula tab to enter formulas and it is working. When I attempt to enter =countifs in cell and select from the drop down, excel still shutsdown.

@CLAS1 I have the same problem from Peru. Please help me!

Having the same  issue.

Nothing seems to fix this.


Hi everyone,
I contacted the Microsoft support Team, they couldn't offer any help, they said I can write a feedback and maybe I get a response.
In my case the problem disappeared the next day after I noticed the issue. I did nothing to fix it.
I have notified the Excel team about this too, perhaps that will give this some traction.
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@ImadHimo it's happens on my HP Omen laptop with office 2019 home and student, and i found that omen gaming hub (Factory App) make it crash. i uninstall it and my excel working fine.

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