Excel Crashes When Applying Formula

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Hi, new to using forums and also pretty fresh to excel but I'm looking for some advice/a solution.

I recently undertook a project designing a tool inventory for the company I'm working for and am having issues generating unique codes for our tools. My formula  of =CONCAT(LEFT(B2,2),LEFT(A2,2),MID(A2,SEARCH(" ",A2)+1,2),"-",COUNTIF($E$2:E2,E2)) causes my spreadsheet to crash/overload?

Copy of Tool Inventory.xlsx



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Without having tried the formula it could be the addition.

Although numbers can be concatenated, Excel does not consider the result as a number, but as text. Therefore, the result shown cannot be used as an argument for certain mathematical functions such as SUM and AVERAGE. When this type of input is included in a function's arguments, it is treated like other text data and is ignored.


You can combine up to 255 text arguments at once.


Maybe this information can help you...if not please just ignore it :).



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