Excel Crash when opening files

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Excel crashes when opening files.

If I restart Excel and begin a blank spreadsheet then the file can be opened OK from the recovery pane.

It appears that the only way to prevent the crash is to run Excel and start with a blank spreadsheet before trying to open the spreadsheet that I want. Clicking on the spreadsheet with File Explorer or opening directly from the liist of recent files or pinned files by-passes this step and causes the crash.

It happens on both of my computers - I have the latest Office 365 and W10 installed, tried starting in Safe Mode; all have the same outcome


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@PeterB71 More people are experiencing this error. I advise you to use the File, Feedback, send a frown option so that Microsoft is made aware even more of the problem. 

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

OK - done that.  I won't hold my breath waiting for a solution.

It does seem to be a fundamental problem and if others are having the same problem then I would have expected more complaints.

Quite a handful of users have reported the same issue in recent days


To hold your breath would be a somewhat rash promise but I would expect the problem to be dealt with.  I had rather assumed that it to be teething problems encountered within beta release code.

@Peter Bartholomew , yes, exactly the same issue was recently on insiders builds, but that's new for me if it is on production builds.

@PeterB71 , could you please share your exact version? It's in File->Account, like this