Excel crash trying to sort large data file

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I have a file that has 30,000 rows, no forumulas in the data just names and addresses.


I use conditional formating to highlight duplicates on ID and post code.


When i click on data sort to sort by cell colour it just seems to crash all the time.


I have tried to copy to new workbook and also to format data as a table and still get the same slowness and crashing issues.

I even bought a brand new laptop with 8GB memory and still having same issue. 


I have checked excel and it is up to date

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It is always a good idea to name the Excel version and the operating system in advance.

At the same time, as far as possible (if not always), add your excel workbook / worksheet (without sensitive data) and explain your project / topic / problem related to the file as precisely as possible.


Now to your topic:

Since we can only make assumptions here, it would be advantageous if we go step by step from the beginning.


Does the problem only occur in this file?

Is the file in Ondrive or Sharepoint? ... Outside (USB, External HDD, CD, etc.) of the laptop?


Next, please check whether the Office applications are up to date.

Update Office with Microsoft Update

(click on the link for more information about update)


If this didn't help, move on to the next step.

Repair Office from the Control Panel

(press on the link and follow the instructions)


For further questions I am gladly at your disposal.


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How many conditional formatting rules do you have? It shall be not more than number of formatting variants.