Excel copy data between sheets by recognizing text

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BasicalIy I need to copy data from cells in sheet 2 into cells in sheet 1, but the specific rows that I need to copy should bee determind by recognizing text or that is what I think.

Sheet 2 is based on data from another excel file and I would like the data inbetween the two subtitles to be copied (see picture).
The data that goes into Sheet 2 will be updated on a weekly basic and this could mean fewer or more rows inbetween the subtitles, therefore I need the copying of data into Sheet 1 to update aswell.

This is why I think it could be solve if the copying could recognize text(subtitles) and therefore always would copy the data inbetween the subtitles, no matter how many rows there will be remove or add in the weekly updates.


Please help

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