Excel: Converted date to day of week but now want to convert that to text only

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I am working in Excel.  How can I convert the day of the week (derived from a formula that takes the date and turns it into a day of the week) into text?


Thanks for your help!

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Let's say the formula with the day of the week is in D2.

In another cell, e.g. E2, enter the formula =TEXT(D2,"dddd") if you want the full name ("Thursday"), or =TEXT(D2,"ddd") if the want the abbreviated name ("Thu").

Thanks so much. That got me to the answer I needed -- which was the text (not the formula) in the cell.  However, I copied the cells with the formula and used the Paste123 to get the text only of the day!


As a comment, if you want only to show weekday as the text, not to do other manipulation with that text, it's better to reference the date and apply to the cell "dddd" format. That could give more flexibility.