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Hi there! I am trying to figure out if it's to cancel a formula written in conditional formatting when another cell has text. 

The conditional formatting is for a cell to change fill color if the date inputted is past a certain time; this is the formula: =AND(TODAY()-G2>=10, TODAY()-G2<=13).

I need to cancel this formula if the next column cells have any text, but also keep the text in both cells. 

Thanks in advance for the help!

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=AND(TODAY()-G2>=10, TODAY()-G2<=13, H2="")


or if you want to look at more columns, for example H through K:


=AND(TODAY()-G2>=10, TODAY()-G2<=13, H2:K2="")

Thank you for the reply. The formulas don't really change anything. The formula =AND(TODAY()-G2>=10, TODAY()-G2<=13) applies and the fill color applies to the formatting to orange. When H2 has text, I'd like to keep the value of G2 but remove the fill color to nothing. Not sure if this could change your response....


The formula that I posted does exactly what you asked:





Thank you so much! I had to delete all and type in the formula you provided. One last question, if I originally had this formula: =TODAY()-H2>13 does it change to =AND(TODAY()-G2>=13, H2="") and it to fill as red?


Yes, indeed.

Thank you so much!

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