Excel - compare value, input another value

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I am excel challenged and only do a basic vlookups.


I have a large spreadsheet, with two worksheets I want to compare and then get data from one and put on the other.

Worksheet 1 - users

Worksheet 2 - lastlogon

I am trying to, lookup Workbook 1- Column A, see if it is in Workbook 2 - Column A, easy, BUT if found, then I want it to pull Workbook 2 Column C and put it in Workbook 1 - Column H.



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In H2 on Worksheet 1:


=XLOOKUP(A2, 'Worksheet 2'!$A:$A, 'Worksheet 2'!$C:$C, "")


Replace Worksheet 2 with the actual name of the second sheet.

Fill down.

@@Hans Vogelaar _ THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!