Excel combo chart not showing y axis line

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Hi, I am using excel pivot to look at Customer scores raw data and have added a KPI Target.

I have created a combo chart and it shows the overall customer score but won’t show the line I have asked for the KPI. I have set the KPI line to a secondary axis and both score axis and KPI axis are both 0-10, I found the marker for the KPI and changed it from a dot to a line but can’t move it or elongate it. I don’t know why it’s not showing? 

the raw data contains multiple questions but on this pivot slide I have only asked for the overall score question 1 and the KPI target. I have no gaps in my data and the KPI target is the same in every column for the target and when I add KPI to the values box in the pivot I have selected average. The score is shown correctly but it just won’t show up in the chart. If I don’t alter the y axis then I can’t even see the marker. 

what am I doing wrong? Help it’s driving me crazy!! 

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