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I have inadvertently hidden column A in a spreadsheet. I'm an experienced Excel user and I followed all the suggestions given in the help material but I still cannot unhide it.  I'm at a loss for what to do.

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Please follow the screenshot to do that.

Unhide Column A.jpg



Thanks for your response, but, that is one of the first things I tried after looking for a solution.  I also did a GO TO A1, then did a Cell Format/Invisibillty and clicked Unhide columns.  That didn't work either.  This seems to defy the conventional solutions offered in the Help material.  I can't grab it to widen manually either.  Any other suggestions?

I just figured it out. I hid the whole worksheet. Then did GO TO A1, Cell/Format/Visibility/Unhide Columns which brought back just Column A, then I selected the whole work sheet and right clicked on Column A and clicked unhide columns. Everything came back. That was a very disconcerting problem! Thanks so much for your response!!

The column might not be hidden just has 0 width. In this case use the box above the 1 and to the left of the B like in the image provided and that would select all rows and columns, then move right to any column header, say column C and right-mouse-click and choose Column Width a bit at the end of the context menu, and set the column width say to 8 and then you can reset the column width to match what you had.

Also, if you use F5 Goto dialog will appear and then type A1 in the Reference box and then move the mouse to the edge and right-mouse click and choose Column Width.

I also can say that if you select Column B and then ever slightly move to the left that would select Column A as well, then right-mouse click and choose Column Width.

Both these techniques require good dexterity with the mouse, and the first is simpler from that stand point.


You can also use VBA with some simple commands used in the Immediate Window can make that happen.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much!
@bma1412 More than welcome, I hope it served its purpose!