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This maybe a newbie question but I need to find an answer from experts. One of my users is looking for option to share one Excel document among few people but wit only part of rows available for each other. So i.e. user X should be abele to access and edit rows 10-20, user Y  - 21-30 an so on. The owner/author should have r/w access to whole document. Is it feasible at all?



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Apply different passwords or permissions to separate ranges in workbooks in Excel

Please click on the link for detailed information.


A small example - step explanation.

Review tab


Users are allowed to edit areas

New area

This area relates to the cells: -> entire table, i.e. click on the character to the left of column A and above row 1. Password: Enter twice


2 people who are allowed to edit the area (selected with the "Check names" help).

"Allow" permissions

Activate sheet protection including password



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