Excel clear Hyperlink history

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Hi there.


I´d like to know how to clear visited hyperlink history in excel, cause it seens to be "incorporated" in xls file and not to chrome history.




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Right click on the link to remove the hyperlink then click on enter, and this will reset it.



If you want to remove all hyperlinks from the sheet, you can use automate script. Click on the arrow and look for "remove hyperlinks from sheet"




Hi @RamyT 


I do not want to remove hyperlink.

I´d just like to turn visited hyperlink (licac color) as non visited hyperlink (blue color).

I think i need to clear some internet history somewhere.

Clearing chrome history do not take any affect to.

Seens that visited links are "incorporated" to xlsx file.

Is there a way to clear internet history "incorporated to" xlsx file ?


Very thanks in advance.