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As shown below, I have a chart with data selected for the X- and Y-axes. I want to manually add in '26' for an X value and '1318' for a Y value. For X, I just typed in 26 after the 4 in the braces. For Y, how do I do that when there is the cell selection stuff there?




The below does not work correctly, and neither does rewriting it to be "...N$11), {1318}".




Does what I am asking make sense?


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Enter the value 1318 in a cell, say Z11, and add the address of that cell within the parentheses:


@Hans Vogelaar 


I thought of that last night but I was hoping to get a different answer. Do you know of a way to insert the datum into the pop up box that I pictured? (I want a cleaner way to do it then how you suggested.)

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Excel won't accept a mixture of cell references and literal values in the Series Values box, so I'm afraid you have to enter the value in a cell.

You could create named ranges:


Use these in the Select Data dialog for the chart:


If you want to add a value, you still have to do so in a cell, and expand the definition of the named ranges XValues and YValues, but the chart's data source will look a bit neater.