Excel Charts - Auto Scaling the Y Axis

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Simple question using Excel 365. Have a simple worksheet which retrieves daily stock price data for a particular stock (using STOCKHISTORY) and then charts it with a simple line chart. If I choose MSFT, the correct chart is displayed. The Y Axis ranges from 200$ to 400$. 


Then I repeat but using AAPL. But now the Y axis does not change. Since AAPL stock for the last year ranges from 100 to 225, the price line is not displayed - just the bit where there price is > 200. 


So every time I select a different stock I have manually edit the scale of the Y axis. 


How can I avoid having to manually adjust the Y axis?


Thanks for any ideas



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Do you mean that Auto doesn't work in your case?


@Sergei Baklan 

Hi Sergei:


From your screenshot it looks like you are using Excel for Windows. I am using Excel 365 on a Mac. Here is what I see for Axis Options 







I cannot find any "Auto" setting like you dispelled in your screenshot...


Any ideas?




Sorry, I'm not on Mac. Perhaps @Riny_van_Eekelen could clarify how it works on Mac.

@Stoddardv On a Mac the "Auto" setting is represented by the 'rounded arrow'.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 17.38.05.png

Press that one and the bounds will reset to automatic.

Bingo - you are right... I assumed that that symbol meant "undo". But I just tried it and it does that I want. Thanks for you both in helping me.

@Stoddardv I guess you can call it undo. That is, undo the manual adjustment :)