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This also sounds entirely like a homework assignment for a class, and one of the principles here at this site is that we don't do homework for people.


I will, however, suggest to you that it is the end product that needs to be a "single chart or graph"; there is nothing in that requirement that precludes extracting data from your starting set of data to be used in creating an intermediate table as the basis for the chart or graph.

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First of all, with all due respect, I did not ask anyone to "do my homework" - I asked for help. Secondly, if you are attempting to make a connection between asking questions and/or for help vs. learning, then you could apply that to everyone on this forum who is also asking for help. And lastly, if you read the replies to the endless sea of "help" found here, which by the way sound a lot more like "please do my homework for me" than mine does, you will see people providing actual completed work (formulas, charts, etc) to the original author a lot more than tips or suggestions.

Good to see there's always someone who has to be the Karen/Ken.