Excel chart labels keep coming back

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I have a data set that I have changed the data labels for to reflect the total count of the objects in a functional category (vertical axes) with the bars of the chart broken up by the material type of the objects in the functional category.  I deleted the labels that I do not need in excel but whenever I try to add the chart into my word document all the labels I previously debleated come back. also when I save my excel workbook and close out and re open all the data labels are back as well. 


Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent these unnecessary labels from coming back beside taking a screen shot of the chart and or making text boxed for each of them and turn of data labels?

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Replying to an old question, but what I did to prevent the deleted labels from reappearing was to set the transparency under the Text Fill option to 100%. The labels are still there, but are no longer visible. They remain invisible even after closing and reopening the workbook.