EXCEl changes formulas automatically after update

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Good afternoon, I ran into a problem  - the link is to a Merged cell (G235) and after updating Excel, the link goes to 2 merged cells (G235:H235), which automatically gives an error and incorrect data in the calculations. How can this be fixed? My Excel Version 2201 Build 16.0.14827.20186 64-bit

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Is it linked to external site?
no, it's within excel book
Usually it does not happen. Can you share a screen shot?
that's why I'm asking) No I can't
Maybe the cell/formula you have referenced is relative and not fixed
Many thanks for your response! We use file for internal calculations, and this error started to appear after Excel upgrade to new version. it automatically update formulas.

@Maria_Malygina What is the error you get?

As a general comment, it's better to avoid merged cells to begin with. They often cause trouble, though, I have not heard about the problem you described, where a formula is changed due to an update.

Riny, it's - #VALUE, in some cases it's imposible, thank you for advice. We just faced it, didn't have it before, even we use this file for a while.