Excel cells formatted as date, but still showing numeric value

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Doing an assignment for a class where we were transposing data. The rows for the date in the original data were formatted as date, and shows up fine. However, when I transpose the data, it shows up as a numeric value. I have tried formatting the results in the transposed data, but no matter which format I use for date, it is still showing the results as a numeric value and not a date. I have tried going under the options and turning off the "show formulas" option. This has not solved this issue either. I have the most recent update of Excel, and a new workbook is having the same issue as well. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

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It's a little difficult to diagnose from afar without seeing the actual.


My first thought--my hypothesis--is that it's possible that in the transposing the new values were pasted as text.


Appearing as numbers but actually text. In that case, it wouldn't really change them if you formatted the cells as dates.....the contents of the cell, if they're actually text, are no longer subject to the various numeric formats.