excel cell text underlining

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I selected a cell and underlined the text.  It looked correct

However, when I clicked on the next cell, the underlining extended beyond the words to the end of the cell.

What am I doing wrong?  I have done this a million times and this week is the first time I have experienced this.



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Whether you selected and applied underline for entire row or column. coz you told next cell, whether is in a row or column.

I only selected and applied underlining to the words, not the whole cell.  And it looks correct, but when I proceed, it reverts to underlining all the way across the width of the cell.  



Cat sat on the hat


After clicking on next cell

Cat sat on the hat____________


I think you are entering data on same cell. 


After the word "hat", press Ctrl+U (or) disable underline, then type.


Tried that (multiple times). Still same result.
I attempted to send you a screen shot, but would not let me paste on this forum.
Can you able to send that file.