Excel Cell percentage from another cell's fraction (4/8)

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I Have a attendance sheet that is out of 10 weeks, and a seperate formula to colour each week's attendance from red to green etc. At the end of the 10 weeks there is a column that represents the total amount of weeks present (example, 4/10) with the function of ('4/10) to not change to a date. Next to this column is another column with a precentage, for example (4/10 = 40%) is there any way i can make this automatic so when i update the /10 scale, the percentage updates automatically?

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Assuming the column with '4/10 is on A1:




This also assumes 10 is the number of weeks you are going to make the percentage with. In case you add more weeks in a future:



okay thankyou, what if there is less weeks, like 4 or 8?


Depends on how your data is structured. Is that one week = one column, how do you mark attendance (Y/N or */blank, etc). Perhaps you may share at least screenshot.