Excel Cell Format won't change

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I have various cells with numbers data saved as 'Special format - Chinese'. I have tried to change this to Custom format of 000000 as I need 6 digit numbers. However, this won't change and still shows as 'Special Format'. I have also tried to use the option of Data and then text to column before changing this to Custom format and this don't work either. Is there someone who can kindly assist with this>

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Don't worry about it. 000000 happens to be a special format in Chinese, so Excel lists it as such. It will still work as 000000.

@Hans Vogelaar thanks. Sorry forgot to mention the actual issue which is I need to search for these numbers. So I have 012345 on one sheet where this is recorded as numbers and 012345 on another sheet where this appears as special format in Chinese. When I copy 012345 from numbers sheet and search for it where this is saved as special format in Chinese it does not pick up. I need to change the numbers in special format to numbers so it can pick this up.


What do you mean by "So I have 012345 on one sheet where this is recorded as numbers"?