Excel Cell Conditional Formatting Help!

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Hi all,


I am looking to superimpose 2 lines on a set of raw, binary data (1s and 0s). To do this I want to use cell borders and would like it to be automatic related to the data that is inputted into the spreadsheet.


The black line (look from bottom left) continues straight for 5 cells because the total number of 1s is 5 as seen in the total cell (bottom far right). It then goes up one cell because the next total is 6. the line continues to go up by 4 cells because the next 4 totals are 6. So on and so forth.


Same principle applies to the red line with the bottom row total scores. 


Please see an example below:


I'd really appreciate some advice and help to see how I could go about automating this process rather than manually doing it.



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It'll be easier if you provide sample file to play with, to reproduce it is a bit time consuming.


Thank you