Excel Cell Borders alignment

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My spreadsheet has borders around the cells but when I format the text orientation to diagonal the vertical borders also show diagonal and the whole cell crosses over into the next cell. How do I keep the vertical borders vertical and not diagonal. This never used to happen in older versions of excel.

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@DeanBronco Some research on the web tells me that this already happened in Excel 2003. I guess it is to be considered a feature of working with borders. I found two-work arounds on-line in very old articles but neither of them can be considered "good practice". Attached a file with the work-arounds applied. Alternatively, reconsider the use of angled texts with borders.

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Thanks @Riny_van_Eekelen 


I appreciate you looking into this for me.


I think for what I want your option 3 using merged cells works best for what I want.