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Hi! I'm using the Excel calendar template but I need help on blocking the data from the January calendar (drop down list) to the next months.

I want to put the amount of money I am spending per day each month, but when I type a number on a month it carries the exact information to the following months. The numbers to the calendar change so I'm sure its possible but I am not aware of how to do this. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

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@JennyRae87 "the Excel calendar template". Which one? There are many different ones available. Can you upload the template you are using with som fake data in it, demonstrating what you are trying to do?


I want to keep track the amount of money I have been spending per day, but when I placed the money formulas into January, they copied to the following months.
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@JennyRae87 Oh my! I understand what you want to do, but not why you use a calendar template for it.  Templates like these are often quite useless, even for the purpose they where designed for. And they are most definitely not designed to keep track of a budget. Wouldn't really know where to begin analysing the workbook to find where it goes wrong.


Consider a totally different approach. Create structured table where you enter all your expenses as they occur (Date, Amount, Description) and then create a pivot table to summarise the expenses.