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I have several work projects going on currently with varying due dates.

I would like to create a workbook with separate tabs for each project.

Each tab would be in the same format & contain the "event name", the date it is due and then an area for notes (ideally).

I would then like for the information from each of these tabs to auto-populate into a master calendar. 

Any help or advice I can get on making this happen would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Thank you for your understanding and patience



I know I don't know anything (Socrates)


I have looked through several templates and haven't found one to meet my needs.

Are you aware of a template that allows you to enter detailed data into multiple tabs and then compiles the due dates listed on those tabs into one main calendar?




With your permission, if I can recommend you, add a file (without sensitive data) to your project.
Explain your plans in relation to this file. So you can get a solution that is tailored to your needs much faster.
At the same time, it is much easier for someone who wants to help to understand the subject.
A win-win situation for everyone.
Please no Picture, even if it is said that a picture can say a thousand words, it is certainly not always in the case of Excel, on the contrary in some cases.

* Knowing the Excel version and operating system would also be an advantage.
Finally, please consider why does one of the helpers still have to prepare the file with your request?

Thank you for your understanding and patience

I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

@NikolinoDE This is an example of what I am working on. I took the workbook that I created to organize my work projects and converted is over for my family to use. The concept is the same a tab for each person/project with a standard way to list activity data. I went ahead and created a query to convert these into a single worksheet, hoping that would make this task a little easier. I'm just having issues with the right formula to get the right data onto the calendar. I would prefer it if it would list the person/project name and the description on the corresponding day. My workbook for my work projects I already have the conditional formatting setup to color coordinate based on the model name posting on the calendar. Thank you for the help!

Still looking for a formula to solve my issue of transferring the condensed data over to the calendar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.